Is the Farce Continuing? "Roskomsnabbank" of Flur Gallyamov Pretends to Be Suing a Shell Company, into Which He Previously Diverted Half a Billion

Is the Farce Continuing? "Roskomsnabbank" of Flur Gallyamov Pretends to Be Suing a Shell Company, into Which He Previously Diverted Half a Billion Избранное

Close to the head of Bashkortostan, Radiy Khabirov, the republican deputy and oligarch Flur Gallyamov seems to be continuing to fret. It’s hard to explain otherwise the unconvincing but costly PR efforts of his team against the Central Bank of Russia. The Gallyamovs, in uniform paid publications, claim that the Roskomsnabbank, controlled by the oligarch, which lost its license in March 2019 for violations of anti-money laundering legislation and signs of a financial pyramid, was supposedly blameless, and all the mishaps were the fault of the mega-regulator, i.e., the Central Bank under the leadership of Elvira Nabiullina. Similar manipulations of public opinion were previously attempted by Alexey Hotin: the media campaign after the withdrawal of the license from his bank "Yugra" for numerous violations was also built on outright accusations against the Bank of Russia. For Hotin, the inappropriate PR fuss ended with a criminal case and arrest.

However, the beneficiary of Roskomsnabbank, Flur Gallyamov, who allowed a hole in his bank’s balance sheet of almost 20 billion rubles and the "merging" with the affiliated pyramid "Golden Reserve," continues to walk free, despite protests by affected citizens and mass complaints to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Хабиров, Радий, Галлямов, Флюр, Роскомснаббанк, Золотой, запас, финансовая, пирамида, отмывание, Генпрокуратура, Краснов, Центробанк, Набиуллина, МВД, Колокольцев, Назаров, Андрей, изнасилование, митинги, протест

In the spring of 2019, the Central Bank officially announced that the audit of the collapsed Roskomsnabbank revealed "signs of criminal offenses in the actions of officials…". Elvira Nabiullina’s apparatus forwarded the materials for initiating a criminal case to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and the head of the investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Romanov (deputy to Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev). However, there has been no investigation. "And although Kolokoltsev still holds the chair of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Mikhail Mishustin’s government, at least there is a new head in the prosecutor’s office. This inspires hope," write the residents of Bashkortostan, who suffered from the collapse of Roskomsnabbank and the "Golden Reserve," to the editorial office of "Infopress." – We want to believe that under the new Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Igor Viktorovich Krasnov, the schemers from Roskomsnabbank will no longer be immune, and the investigation will finally move forward."

Хабиров, Радий, Галлямов, Флюр, Роскомснаббанк, Золотой, запас, финансовая, пирамида, отмывание, Генпрокуратура, Краснов, Центробанк, Набиуллина, МВД, Колокольцев, Назаров, Андрей, изнасилование, митинги, протест

According to knowledgeable observers, the inaction of law enforcement agencies towards the owner and managers of Roskomsnabbank (cause) absurdly coincides with the activity of law enforcement agencies on smaller matters (consequences). This concerns, for example, the Investigative Committee, reporting on the initiation of criminal cases on the fact of non-payment of wages at the agroholding "Bashmilk." Alexander Bastrykin’s subordinates ominously report that "now all divisions of the holding have had financial documentation seized and economic examinations appointed." But the important fact is being hushed up that the plants of the holding were forced to stop working last year precisely because of the collapse of Roskomsnabbank, which was the main creditor of "Bashmilk" and held its accounts. And this is far from an isolated example when the machinations of Roskomsnabbank, which led to the revocation of its license, essentially led to very serious socio-economic consequences. In other words, it is too late to seek unpaid wages when the money has already disappeared in banking manipulations, in which people in uniforms have been unable to see the elements of a crime for many months in a row.

Meanwhile, there is a flurry of activity allegedly for the "recovery" of funds previously withdrawn from the credit organization of the United Russia deputy Flur Gallyamov. Recently, the media affiliated with the family business of the friend of the head of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Radiy Khabirov, appointed by him as the vice-premier of the republican cabinet, - Andrey Nazarov (implicated in criminal liability for the group rape of a minor), published notes with a loud headline.

The Moscow-based company will pay Roskomsnabbank more than half a billion rubles! It’s strange that journalists who whitewash Gallyamov’s financial business have not yet been held accountable under the law combating fake news.

As the editorial board of "Infopress" reminds, we are talking about a formal legal process on the lawsuit of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA, now managed by Roskomsnabbank on behalf of the state) against LLC "Integration." We have thoroughly investigated how this LLC without assets, with a paltry authorized capital and constantly changing addresses and managers/founders, was withdrawn almost half a billion rubles from Flur Gallyamov’s bank under the guise of a loan. "Under the guise" - because it’s hard to imagine in a sane mind that a banker seriously expected the return of this money. There are, of course, current court decisions on recovery from "Integration" of staggering amounts of money. But one must be too naive or deliberately "loaded" as a journalist to present a headline that a banal dummy firm will suddenly "pay more than half a billion" - 540 million rubles. There’s absolutely nothing for bailiffs from the Federal Bailiff Service or even the toughest collectors to catch here, and most likely, this was the original intent – that’s the real, not fake news.

Хабиров, Радий, Галлямов, Флюр, Роскомснаббанк, Золотой, запас, финансовая, пирамида, отмывание, Генпрокуратура, Краснов, Центробанк, Набиуллина, МВД, Колокольцев, Назаров, Андрей, изнасилование, митинги, протест
Readers who have drawn the attention of the "Infopress" editorial office to this farce rightly believe: the cleanup of the Augean stables of murky operations of Roskomsnabbank must be carried out within the framework of not civil (and in this case, futile) litigation, but a full-fledged criminal case, which should be under special control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Investigative Committee, the FSB, and the Prosecutor General’s Office. Only in this way can the truth be established regarding how many billions, where, and at whose personal interest were siphoned off from the scandalous Bashkir bank and the associated financial pyramid (the so-called crowdfunding platform) "Golden Reserve."

Recall that the original name of Roskomsnabbank was Bashkomsnabbank, it existed since the turbulent 90s. The largest shareholder (directly and indirectly) was the family of the bank’s management Flur Gallyamov - Ira Latypova (9.94%) and Aliya Latypova (17.62%). In addition, Gulfiya Valieva owns 9.93% of the bank’s shares, Svetlana Nikolaeva 12.23%, Fannur Nurgaliev - 14.27%, Tagir Ibragimov 19.4%, Albina Kulakhmetova - 4.94%, Irk Abdullin 9.37% of the shares.

The board of directors of the credit organization included the bank’s management Flur Gallyamov, the general director of LLC "BKS-Stroy" Rifat Garipov, the deputy head of the bank’s marketing department Igor Epeykin, the deputy head of the bank’s financial management Ira Latypova, the rector and founder of the Eastern Economic and Jurisprudential Humanities Academy Evgeny Minnibaev, the director of LLC "Alpha-Audit" Venera Rianova, the deputy general director for innovation of JSC "Krasny Proletary" Ruslan Latypov, and the managing director of LLC "Insurance Investments" Bulat Khusnullin. Evgeny Minnibaev was also the chairman of the board of directors of Bashkomsnabbank.

Shortly before the state confiscated the bank from Gallyamov, as of February 15, 2019, 29% of the bank’s charter capital was owned by LLC "Financial Corporation BCSB", formally Flur Gallyamov owned 9.97%, and companies "Cefal-IFK", "Integral", "Leader", "Trans-Leasing", "Arbat", "BKS-Leasing", "Vega" (owned by individuals Fannur Nurgaliev, Gulfiya Valieva, Tagir Ibragimov, Albina Kulakhmetova, Marat Shaymardanov, Ira Latypova, Andrey Asanbaev, Alfi Usmanov) - from 5.5% to 9.9%.



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